from Space to Earth
29 Aug-9 Sep 2016 Grenoble (France)

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The list of lectures and lecturers is given below.

  1. Ian Sims: Introduction to astrochemical processes
  2. John Black: Radiative transfer for astrochemistry
  3. Ted Bergin: from interstellar clouds to planets
  4. Yves Ellinger: Overview of methods of theoretical chemistry
  5. Stuart Althorpe: Overview of methods of nuclear dynamics
  6. Serena Viti: An introduction to astrochemical models
  7. François Dulieu: Solid state reactions
  8. Emmanuel Dartois: IR spectroscopy of interstellar ices
  9. Elisabetta Palumbo: Irradiation and bombardment of ices
  10. Herma Cuppen: Molecular dynamic for solid state astrochemistry
  11. Luca Dore: Gas spectroscopic techniques
  12. Pierre Hily-Blant: Radio astronomy for astrochemistry

The access to the lectures in PDF format is restricted to the participants to the school.

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